Is it okay to install openSUSE from a LiveCD vs. ISO images?

Hello -

openSUSE noob here. Is it okay for me to install openSUSE to my computer using the LiveCD rather than iso iamges?

The reason is no matter what, and CD i burn from the iso’s always give me the following error when I try to boot from them:

“Loading isolinux: Disk error 32, AX = 4222, drive 9F”

but I can get a LiveCD to boot just fine… (Any thoughts on this?)

However when I booted the LiveCD and then clicked the LiveCD Installation I got openSUSE up and running. But do I have a real install? Or is this going to be problematic for me in the future?

Thanks! I appreciate any help on this.

I think, when the LiveCD boots up, you have an icon on the desktop to install openSUSE from the LiveCD. Can you see this icon?

It’s the same SUSE, however you install. If you pick the right architecture for the Live CD (i386 or x64), then install, you’re on a system that is theoretically identical to the one you’d have ended up with with the DVD, but with less software, so you can just install whatever software you want from the repos, and end up in exactly the same place. Obviously, it’s possible that things get configured differently by different automatic scripts, but you’d be very unlucky to be able to tell the difference.

if it will detect your hardware properly and make it run acceptably there is nothing wrong with a system that is set up with the Live CD. You will have a nice lean computer system.

The downside is you won’t have the DVD for rescue situations and if you have certain hardware on your computer the live CD may not have all the drivers you need.

Some wireless cards for example and even ethernet cards I have seen won’t run automatically from the live CD but the DVD could set them up during the install.

Thanks for the replies everyone. I will do that. I did notice that things like MAKE and GCC were not installed, etc…

Is there a quick list of mandatory add-ons/programs (like make and GCC). This is probably a tough question to answer because of course everyone’s needs are different. But for instance I tried to install the latest ATI linux drivers fror my ATI All-In-Wonder X800 and I got kernel problems in the log… Probably from the liveCD install…

Thanks again.

I know of no such list; as you say, it varies from user to user. For me, music software is utterly pointless - if I want noise I’ll put the radio on. :wink:

I would suggest starting a thread about your graphics card problem in the hardware forum, if searching doesn’t turn anything up… Good luck.