Is it KDE or OpenSuse Sound problem?

I have a sound issue and do not know if it is related to KDE 4 desktop or OpenSuse 11.1. On boot, the sound works great. I can play music through Amarok without any issues.

However, while the sound functions well in these applications, it does NOT work in Mozilla Firefox, if I play a YouTube Video, for example or some other flash-based program.

However, if I reboot a few times, the sound eventually works in Firefox.

Anybody have a clue or have had similar problems?


Have you tried reinstalling flash?

Its possible some other device has seized the audio and will not let it go when you have the firefox flash/youtube problem.

Because this is dynamic in nature, its difficult for a user like myself to help you remotely. Instead I believe you need to sort this yourself, using some basic tools. I recommend you teach yourself what your sound devices look like fresh after a boot when your sound is working in flash/you-tube and what it looks like when another app is using the sound and what it looks like when your sound does not work.

To get a detailed indication as to what devices are using your sound, you can copy and paste the following into a gnome-terminal or a kde konsole: lsof /dev/dsp* /dev/audio* /dev/mixer* /dev/snd/*Do that when your sound works ok, with sound playing and without sound playing. Also do that when you have a sound problem.

Compare the outputs.

Its not easy to figure out, but by doing under different circumstances, it will give some hints, and it will provide information to help deduce what device, if any, has seized your PCs sound hardware.

Another simple command line is:
ps -A

Again, IMHO you need to do this your self and figure it out. Because of the dynamic nature, there is likely not much use in your posting those outputs here.

I had a similar problem and it was easily solved:
uninstall pulseaudio and libflashsupport (only necessary if you use pulseaudio and flash 9.x IIRC).

I think with Pulse Audio there is only one question does your driver appear on this page.

BrokenSoundDrivers – PulseAudio

I think for quite a few the answer is yes.