Is it just me or does the new Yastie?

I’ve just updated to Milestone7, & the reason I place this here instead of Pre-release is because this is not a technical question.
Look at Yastie in the Kickoff:
Is it just me or is the new Yastie aiming its rear at us? It also looks like he’s/she’s taking aim there. A trifle I know but I want to see if I’m the only one that noticed.

Yup, i am now in M7 with Live CD and that yastie icon looks cute.

Does anyone else find that reply slightly worrying? :wink:

I’m still wondering why they keep on calling it “yast”. I know the story behind it, but still, for a regular user, it doesn’t make much sense. If you hear about “yet another setup tool”, then you might wonder “ok, then where is the original one ?”.

They’d better rename it to “susesetup” or something similar.

Or maybe find another expansion for the yast acronym ? :\

lol! I find this whole thread worrying. Even more worrying that I posted here. :stuck_out_tongue:

YaST Ain’t a Setup Tool?

It’s an ongoing system administration tool.

To shoot

As much as this might make sense in the abstract, in practise it’s blinking annoying. Ubuntu keep renaming things sensibly, and I can’t find them. If I open a menu and am looking for ‘gparted’ I’ll look straight through ‘Disk partitioner’.

I think there was even a distro (maybe several) that took it upon themselves to rename the system directories with sensible names. Great plan, if you don’t mind breaking every script that’s ever been written, ever.

The other problem with functional names is it rather negates the ‘everyone have a punt and see what works’ nature of open source software. Having your CD burner called ‘CD burner’ in the menu is fine, until someone decides to install another CD burner…

The solution, I think, is stuff like tooltips, or second descriptive lines in menus that appear when selected. The stuff in brackets in the old style 11.2 KDE menu works fine for me - can’t remember what it used to look like.

Yummy Aardvark’s Sexy Tush?

:wink: (am I allowed to say that?)

If you’re into aardvarks, then you can say whatever you like…

Different strokes for different folks. We know what gets your stroke now though :slight_smile: