Is it Easy to configure VNC Viewer?

want to be able to configure VNC to remotely access my
Server from the server room via vncviewer.

assuming need to go to software apps rpm contains in yast
search for vnc server install it. Then I assume the vnc viewer on my xp workstation will access it?

Assuming you log in to your server via ssh, you should be able to adapt the following code to your needs - run it on the server.



# This kills previous VNC sessions lying around...
2>&1 vncserver -kill :1
2>&1 killall Xvnc
2>&1 rm -f .vnc/${SERVER}

vncserver -geometry 1120x896 :1
sleep 3
vncviewer -passwd ${HOME}/.vnc/passwd ${SERVER}:1

You’ll need to open a port when you ssh login, again, substitute the variables

ssh -L 5901:${LOCALMACHINE}:5901 ${SERVER}

Whoops, I didn’t notice you were using WinXP. Most of the tricks you’ll need are still applicable though, just not the line about vncviewer.

Where do i put this info what file?
Not quite sure I understand you

Dogit I know Regular VNC isn’t for suse linux
but I’m used to it.

getting this error

vncpasswd: error while loading shared libraries: libstdc+± cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

Can anyone help me solve this depency problem.
Please would rather use real vnc. but if I must use tight vnc please somebody give me a humanly understandable tut.

I got tight VNC to work from inside kde desktop.
But it is tedious to walk over to the Server, to send an invitation to get in.
Is there any way to set it to keep the tight VNC server
on all the time, with out needing to send an invitation?:stuck_out_tongue:

found a way to disable invitations in properties of remote dektop desktop but wasn’t able to connect when i did

ok I solved that. but is there a way to start tight vnc without requiring a user account to remain logged into the server?