Is it Easy to configure VNC Viewer?

want to be able to configure VNC to remotely access my
Server from the server room via vncviewer.

assuming need to go to software apps rpm contains in yast
search for vnc server install it. Then I assume the vnc viewer on my xp workstation will access it?

xvnc is usually installed by default, but if it is not, you can install it from YaST.

it is as simple as executing the following command as a REGULAR USER


it will prompt you for a vnc password.

Once you have entered your password, the server will give you a message to the effect of

New desktop is HOSTNAME :n where n is a number. all you have to do then is point your vnc viewer application to the ip address/hostname of your computer and port :590n where n is the number specified above. example:

then you should be good to go.

as long as you have a vnc viewer application installed on your XP machine, you should be able to connect.

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Is it Easy to configure VNC Viewer? - openSUSE Forums

Is it Easy to configure VNC Viewer? - openSUSE Forums