Is it bug?

Thread created by me is not visible in “new posts”, even if there is a new reply.

Is this a bug?


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Hey beli0135,

>Thread created by me is not visible in “new posts”, even if there is a
>new reply.

Which thread?

Kim - 4/12/2010 10:42:29 AM

Cant remember now, that thing was like that till 2 weeks ago… I do not know now. I do not write new threads too often. Last one (from yesterday) appeared normally.

Here you can view your threads:

And it seems that “New posts” only show “New posts”. Not any threads that are read before and don’t contain new posts. I assume that a thread you created yourself is considered “read” by default.

Yes, it seems so… but when new post arrive, shouldn’t it be listed as “new posts”?
Well, as I said, last one appeared alright, while before, it didnt. If I notice it happen again, I will write here immediately.

When you post a new post.
If you we to then click ‘New Posts’ - you would not see yours, until someone else responds to it.
You could however see your post in ‘Quick Links - Today’s Posts’

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