Is installing ibus 1.5.17 (for Leap 15.0) in Leap 42.3 ok?

I am now using Leap 42.3 with KDE. Recently I installed ibus from the official OpenSUSE repository. The version of ibus being offered in the repository is ibus 1.5.13. This version has a bug: the font size setting does not work, making inputting rather difficult as the font of the candidate characters look very small.

The page explains that “The problem happens because GTK 3.20 changed all the CSS node names. ibus needs to replace “GtkLabel” to “label”.” The same page also says that the bug is fixed in ibus 1.5.15.

From I have downloaded ibus-1.5.17-lp150.3.4.x86_64.rpm which is supposedly for Leap 15.0.

Is it ok for me to install this rpm in my Leap 42.3 system? Will the installation mess up the dependencies? If it is ok to so do, should I use rpm --install or rpm --upgrade? Are there anything I need to be aware of?

Any help on this is very much appreciated. Thanks.

This would not be a good idea.

You could try to build the new version against Leap 42.3 in OBS, though, and see if it builds that way.

Thanks a lot for alerting me that my idea of installing the newer version of ibus is not a good idea. Guess I need to give it up for the time being and find out something about this OBS first. Your help is appreciated. Thanks.

The OBS – openSUSE Build Service – is really not all that tough. To some, it might look scary at first time looking in, but it is much sweeter and friendlier than it looks.:wink: