Is google chrome browser available in SUSE?

I like the chrome browser. I know it’s available on other distros. Dan

dansar99 wrote:

> I like the chrome browser. I know it’s available on other distros.
> Dan
Yes. I use the version at


Also chromium is available on the build service.

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your link doesn’t work. How do I get chromium from the build service? I am new to SUSE and limited experience with linux. Dan

You can’t view that url from a browser. You have to add it to your repo list in YaST or zypper.

For chromium, go to and click on the ‘package search’ icon. Then type chromium in the search field.

Curious – is it stable?

It’s stable in the sense that it won’t crash, but it will fail to render a very small proportion of pages and not everything works. Also you have to arrange your own plugins etc.

Thanks – so I gave it a spin and it froze a couple of times. I’ll wait another 6 months.

That kind of bug hasn’t happened to me. Once in while it will go oops sorry can’t render this page, but you can restart the browser, since each window is a separate process. Also this is Chrome, not Chromium.

You should search this forum for ‘chrome chromium’ first. You would know everything already.

Yes it is & its here:
Google Chrome - Get a fast new browser. For PC, Mac, and Linux

This’ll get you Google Chrome,but be warned it’s beta & it takes it spells sometimes it works, sometimes it don’t!

Plus, one need to install plugins after installation for Chrome as ken_yap stated above.

But if one use Chromium from build service, it is quite stable. I am using it for a long time with out any crash. Flash plugin installed by default.
By adding contrib repo in YaST will do the job.

I tried that one, but it wouldn’t sync my bookmarks with my Windows Chrome Browser, so I went back to the Chromium Build, but, good news…I’m keeping an eye on that one! :wink: