Is Gnash Useless?

I tried gnash 0.8.7 in Google Chrome and it did not work on youtube and a couple of other sites with flash that i tried. Is there a way to get it to work or is it just useless? I’m running openesuse 11.3 kde with the latest version of chrome.

Ugh…are there any of the open source flash players that actually work? I had no luck with swfdec either…Anyone?

They have its limits - basically swfdec and gnash are attempts of reverse engineering closed code. As for now, Adobes Flashplayer is the only way to get full Flash-support.

The specs are here: Adobe - SWF Technology Center

And see lightspark - Lightspark, an innovative FLOSS Flash player, reaches Beta Status | Technology Temple

The specs are here …]

This does not seem to be enough to build a free Flash-player.

What do you miss in that document of 278 pages?

What do I know? I never read it. I am just observing that there is no fully working alternative for the Flash-Player and try to logically guess why that is.

I’ve never had any luck with gnash, but if you care about the project, they are asking for funding. Funding Plea | Gnash Project