Is Firefox stability getting worse?

I’m finding that over the last 6 months that my Firefox is crashing quite a lot. At least twice a day now I get cases where Firefox just freezes up completely when I try load a page. The page would not complete loading and all other tabs become non responsive to the mouse forcing my to kill FF. I can’t see any pattern to it so it appears to be random. It could happen to new pages or pages that I have previously visited. It’s getting very frustrating.

I haven’t added any new add-ons for a long time. Also, I have noticed that java takes very long to load. E.G. going to the F1 live timing page will take close to a minute for the page to start-up java and fully load.

I can’t see anything obvious in the logs. I didn’t see anything useful in the Crash Report directory under ./mozilla. Does FF keep any other logfiles?

I’m using 32bit FF 3.6.8 on KDE 4.4.5.

No issue here and F1 live is super quick here

Same here, no issues at all. You should test a fresh FF-profile without any addons.

IIRC @suse_tpx60s
Has consistently reported issues with FF and more.
I kind of suspect some general hardware issues for you @suse_tpx60s

I’ll try a fresh FF profile and see if things improve.

@caf, yes I had a few problems with FF in the past but I think those were mostly down to plug-in or media codec problems. Apart from the freezing issue FF works very well in all other respects. As for it being a hardware problem, while not impossible, I don’t experience problems with the rest of my system’s performance and very very rarely have a KDE crash so I assume the hardware is functioning fine.

I’ll be upgrading the 11.3 soon and will clean up a lot of my KDE and FF profile then. Just waiting to make sure all the packages I use have been rebuilt for 11.3 before i make the switch.

Ok, my mistake then.
I switched to 11.3 on my box yesterday and have had to add the build service repo kde4 stable to get desktop effects working without issue.
See my post here: New 11.3 install, video playback brief freeze (Desktop effects issue)

I also have an issue with ssh
Working in terminal but not from Nautilus or Dolphin (I have both kde and gnome)
fish:// however, works in dolphin or konqueror