Is Firefox really my default web-browser?

I’ve set the relevant option in Firefox preferences, but when I read (Kmail) from my most used news digest, which always contains an important url link, I find that Konqueror and not Firefox is invoked. Right clicking on the link in the email item within Kmail only gives me the option to open the URL - which it does with Konqueror. I don’t get any choice of browser.

How can I switch this to Firefox?

Is this a Kmail configuration task or a system configuration task?

This is of course not in FF config, how can FF tell Kmail what to do?

I have openSUSE 10.3 and KDE 3.5 and in Dutch, so the actions might be a bit different and have different names in your case. In KDE configuration center goto KDE components and then to Component chooser. There you will find what you are looking for.

Thanks for this; sadly I have never heard of a KDE Configuration centre and the search facility in the KDE application launcher cannot find any such object. And since I don’t have KDE3 I can’t effectively guess how/where this function appears in KDE3 and therefore what parallel to look for in KDE4.

I did try the menu editor but could see no obvious step which would say ‘set firefox as the default browser’ - and indeed, since that has already been done once if ff, and (presumably) this information is known to the system, I don’t see why it would have to be specified again. And in this sense ff could quite easily and quite effectively tell Kmail what to do - for instance by suitable setting of a global environment variable.

However, clearly it does not work this way and,just as clearly, ti is not self evident how this can be changed. None of the available documentation that I have so far found make any reference to such a change.

Hey XEyedBear,

If your still searching for the config center, from my knowledge it’s called `` systemsettings ‘’ in KDE4, if I recall correctly. I can’t tell you for sure - I’m on gnome - and I see SUSE changed a couple of things in their distro. In any case, try launching systemsettings and see if you find anything there.

Good luck with your search for answers,


OK here’s the answer:
Kmenu>Configure Desktop> Under the General Tab look for Default Applications it’s All there
I used it to make the trash can Dolphin instead of Gwenview.

Great! That’s exactly the sort of guidance I want and does exactly what I would expect.

On the other hand (assuming you have 2 arms), I must be intuitively as dumb as pig sh*t, because I could never have found my way to that capability in years of searching. It all adds up to Linux being some sort of testosterone-based ‘right of passage’ experience. ‘Always travel with somebody who has been there before’ (Which is a bit of a bummer for the first traveler…). I bet the KDE developers get a bucket-load of laughs at the efforts of silly old gits like me…

I don’t want to imply that you are completely wrong here, but otoh when one has a new product it is worthwhile to take a bit of time and explore all possibilities first. We just have a new car, so I took the manual and read all pages (crossing out the paragraphs that where not for my exact model), walked around the car, looked under it, sat in it, in the back, etc. so I at least saw once all the possibilities. Doing likewise in e.g. KDE by trying to digg into the menu-options is not a bad thing imho.

what an original idea!
are you suggesting that people READ documentation?


No, that they SHOULD read documentation and/or look around clicking at menus and the like. After all I can only give some, hopefully adequate, adivise here because I did. O:)