Is down?

Hi all,

Is down? I can’t seem to access it from my end.


It seems so. I cannot connect to it too.

Check it here:

Seems to be working now

Thanks everyone

Its down and im tryin to install a vicidialer… wtf already??

Yep - seems to be down again :frowning:

It was slower and slower today. Now it’s down.

very handy!

Does this kind of thing happen often? Does anyone know when it will be back up???

the server is down here in Germany too.:frowning:

They are working on it, not sure of an ETA. A quick fix is;

echo "" >> /etc/hosts

Just remove once it’s back up

It worked. But I had to disable openSUSE-11.3-Source repo before refreshing/updating.

Yes, some things aren’t mirrored

Down at 22:50hrs in UK too.

It’s back up again

Yes, everything is back now. I commented out the IP you gave us. Was it just a one day hack or could it still be helpful if the main server happens to be down again?

On Thu, 18 Nov 2010 22:06:02 +0000, carsonrose wrote:

> Does this kind of thing happen often?


> Does anyone know when it will be
> back up???

Sounds like it is now.


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Yes, working for me now. No I don’t think this happens often. In fact it’s probably the first time I’ve ever come across it and I’ve been using suse since 9.3


Did anyone else try this:
It’s just you.


You’re the only one. :wink: