Is BIOS preventing load of KVM kernal module?

When attempting to load the KVM kernal module (modprobe kvm-amd) the process fails with the message:

FATAL: Error inserting kvm_amd (location on disk) Operation not supported

There is an option in the (AMI) BIOS (updated to the latest version 2302) called “Secure Virtual Machine Mode” which is disabled by default on the ASUS motherboard (M4A785T-M). I have enabled it, but on boot there is an extended error warning of “Chassis intruded or power surge during the previous power on.” The only choices are F1 to run SETUP and F2 to load default BIOS values. Choosing F1, changing the setting, and exiting with save proceeds to the same choices on reboot. Only the F2 (default settings) will boot, apparently with VM disabled.

When I turn off surge detection in the BIOS, the boot halts with “Fatal Error…System Halted.” The cause given is a power surge on the previous power on. This condition requires that the BIOS be reset (move a jumper on the MB) which returns to the behavior as above.

Thus I cannot load KVM. Any hints?

So, I don’t have any real words of encouragement for you. This has to be a motherboard/BIOS/CPU problem of some sort. I see the board came out in 8-21-09 and has some 15 BIOS updates and you have the most recent. I did a search on the motherboard and VM, but came up short on any info. You could complain to ASUS, but if I was in your shoes, I would look to get something newer or forget about VM’s and just dual or triple boot. You could also buy a different motherboard, but its a dice throw to know for sure if that would help. So, my recommendation is live with the problem until you can afford a different board/cpu down the road. You could also try using a add-in video card, just in case the built-in is giving a problem.

Thank You,