Is beagle really needed for firefox3

Hi all,

I am having trouble with FF3, and I think that it might be because of beagle.

My home page is Igoogle, and everytime I load FF3, I have to resign in all the time. Same thing with these Suse forums page, I have to login everytime I type something, or reply or open the site. I have deleted the cookies/cache several times already, to no avail.

Doesn’t seem to be doing it on all the other sites I go to.

Could it be Beagle? Do I really need Beagle on my Firefox anyways?


i don’t think this is due to beagle. Don’t know about Google, but this forum has currently problems with iChain and people have to login over and over again to post in here… To answer your other question, you don’t need beagle for firefox. uninstall it

I always have to log in here.

Check your Firefox settings to make sure it isn’t deleting cookies. Your cookie is what keeps you logged in.

Tools -> Options -> Privacy

That being said, I think Beagle kills your performance and I’d get rid of it.

Thanks for your responses guys,

I will remove beagle.

Thanks again,