Is Audex still supported on openSUSE?

I asked this question in the KDE forum because Audex I thought came from KDE and I was concerned that it is no longer available from Tumbleweed repo site. The answer I received was to refer this question to Tumbleweed dev. Not sure what this means but all I need to know is how can I install Audex now I am running Tumbleweed.
Can anybody help please?

That’s because of the libqt4 support being dropped… you need the qt5 version… audex5 by the looks.

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Hi Malcolm,
Thanks for the help here once again. For reasons I cannot understand your link failed but I found the previous thread and Audex5.

I note that there are five repos to add and four of them are to be left on the system. Why should they be left on system and are these going to become a problem with Tumbleweed, given the number of updates I get already each day and the possibility of messing up the system?
Will the revised version of Audex ever be incorporatd into Tumbleweed or Packman?

Out of my depth as usual but really like Audex and am missing it!

It’s a branch so hopefully get pushed through to Tumbleweed at some point…