Is ATI Radeon 7200 supported in OS 11.0?

This older Radeon AVIVO card is not mentioned on the HCL. Is it supported in OpenSuSE 11.0? If so where should I get the driver from?

Is there a recommended procedure to follow when switching from motherboard-integrated graphics hardware to a separate adapter card graphics hardware? (I’m thinking of parallels to the Windoze procedure of reverting to VGA first and so on).

Finally, is it going to be worth the hassle? I am currently using integrated Intel 836 G graphics and I’m wondering if the additional memory on the ATi card (64 Mb versus 8Mb shared RAM) will help to reduce the CPU load on my system. Or is this card slower than the integrated graphics?

Your ATI graphics card is supported by the open-source radeon driver AFAIK. So it should work with any linux distro (including openSUSE 11) using the X.Org window system.