Is anyone using the latest tumbleweed - plasma?

If so - can you please check something for me.

I have just noticed that in system settings / icons - I have two ‘Breeze Plasma 5 Theme’ enteries. If I select the 2nd one I get the nice coloured icons when using the start menu (kick-off) leave page but lose the control icons (play / pause / stop etc) in Amarok (they are there but not visable). If I select the 1st entry for ‘Breeze Plasma 5 Theme’ the control icons are back in amarok but the leave page icons are black & white (the nice coloured ones are gone). I am using the standard ‘OpenSUSEdark’ desktop theme.

Is it just me is my question?


Sounds a bit like 370213 – Breeze Dark is listed as Breeze in System Settings.

Andreas Kainz claimed that it was only a problem in 5.27rc1, but I am not sure if the fix made it into the 5.27 release…
If not it should be fixed in the next version (to be released next week).

I am using the standard ‘OpenSUSEdark’ desktop theme.

Well, that’s not the “standard” one. :wink:
But unrelated to the icon theme anyway.

Although, if icons are missing in the desktop theme, they are taken from the icon theme instead, which may explain the change in Plasma’s icons.
The “openSUSEdark” desktop theme is not really up-to-date, it’s basically the KDE4 version.
And Amarok uses the icon theme of course, so apparently those icons you mention are missing (in breeze dark?).

yeah, I have the same

Thanks very much.

I see the same.