is anyone using Calligra


on the KDE Planet I read something about Calligra, the office suite by KDE, which follows on the footsteps of Koffice.

Now I have searched in Yast but just found Koffice.

Is anyone using Calligra? Is it any good? Is it any better than LibreOffice and why (usage wise)? Is the Koffice in Yast actually Calligra, or do I have to get it on another way? Maybe a Buildservice repo?

thanks & cheers

I do not know about Calligra, but what you see in YaST > Software Management are the products that exist in the repos you have. As you can have all sorts of repos, we can not even guess what you see there.

When you have only the standard 11.4 repos (OSS, non-OSS, Update), you will only see what was released with openSUSE 11.4. When Calligra is something new, it is quite possible that it was still not available (in a stable enough status) to be chosen to be part op openSUSE 11.4. And thus it will at the most be available in the “official” openSUSE repos of the next openSUSE version.

You might still be able to find it in other repos of e.g. the OBS now or in the near future.

You won’t find it since it hasn’t been released under the name Calligra yet! It is still called KOffice 2.3 in the repos…
Calligra Suite
Get Calligra

It isn’t scheduled for its first release under the new name until autumn.