Is Anyone Familiar with Mixxx (DJ Software) and How to Install it?

How do I go about installing Mixxx on my Linux OS, openSUSE, without having to code anything. (It is so confusing and I am still fairly new to Linux)… It’s moments like these I wish I still had Windows… But I adore Linux and I’m not going back!

YaST2 is the program that came with openSUSE which I used to install Adobe Flash recently (using a tar.gz file as well) but it’s definitely confusing me right now. And the file I downloaded from the Mixxx website is tar.gz (source). Download Page

Help… :question:

Thanks in advance

Here is the easy way:

Follow this link

PackMan :: Package details for mixxx

Hit the 1-click install button.

It worked! Thank you so much :slight_smile:

Do you broadcast live music over internet? if yes can you tell me what program are U using because IDJC do not work with OpenSuse 11.4