Is a stable version of openSUSE possible? Or even desirable?

What I would love to see is a button in Yast that provides for backing up a list of installed applications and repositories into a text file so you can run an install and point to that text file to have all the applications you’ve already installed on top of the refreshed installation.

What a beautiful idea. I thought to ask for a possibility like this recently. This would reduce part of the opportunity cost of a fresh install. Dragonbite, why don’t you put this in Openfate, I will vote for it :wink:

Note the problem with the Intel 855GM. To fix this problem, which was a regression somewhere in the Kernel code (or somewhere else), WILL take longer than the openSUSE 2-releases+2 months. Possible 2 or even 3 years to identify and then fix the problem in the kernel.

Hence IMHO the openSUSE 2-releases+2months lifetime is not consistent with the time to fix upstream Linux problems.

You know in Software Management if you go to ‘File’ you can choose ‘Export’ and of course ‘Import’ for one you exported earlier.
But it may not be quite what you were after:)

How often do upstream issues like the Intel 855GM issue come up? I don’t think I generally look deep enough to see them (until they slap me in the face ;))

That may be an important consideration.

I’ll take a look at that when I get a chance.