Is 15.6 a MUST before Leap 16

My wifes laptop has the WiFi dongle. Can I wait for leap 16 to update her machine, or do I need to upgrade it to 15.6 first?

@Bill_L Leap 16 will be 18 months or more… Leap 15.5 will go EoL at the end of this year, there is also likely a Leap 15.7

good to know, I need to go looking at Saurlands site for an update to the WIFi dongle .

Should all build for Leap 15.6:

But some more modules are now in the kernel.
rtw88 and rtw89 has more modules as in Leap 15.5.

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Leap 15.6 even easier to install than 15.5.
Had only problem with packman codecs but found a link Sauerland’s recommended, and yep everything 101% from a clean reinstall only keeping my /home from before.
I am a happy user of openSUSE since 2007. Keep the good work up!

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