Irractic Behavior - sound Notifications KDE 4.1

First, I do get sound with Amarok and Kaffeine.(Duly Nobbled by Packman)
And I do get a sound notification when I log off. When I log on I get some sound for the start up notification but it drops out half way through. The only notification that works is when I empty the trash. I get no other system Notification sounds??

Sound in all other respects seems to work fine.

Notifications are turned on in >> Personal Settings>Notifications
it is using the default settings.

Sound Backend is Phonon Xine

I have noted some other problems with sound but nothing I have tried helps this one.

Can anyone assist?:\

SDB:AudioTroubleshooting - openSUSE

work thru it

The troubleshooting guide is not designed to assist with system sound notifications.

jmdl you will need to look at your desktop configuration settings to see if you can find the one that controls sound.

Yes, would that be >Personal Settings (Configure Desktop)> Sound?

It seems to be a bug (solved in 4.2). I found a workaround (on kde forum if i remember well). Install sox package, then personal settings->notifications->player settings->select use an external player, type /usr/bin/play and apply.
It worked for me.

Thanks Norrell thats done the job.