Iriver H140

hi, as my MP3 player i have a so far very very faithful iriver H140, but lately it has been taking ages to load up, sometimes 5minutes, and it hangs on ‘read file system’ which, for the record, is FAT32. i did a bit of reading and found somewhere which said format it from a pc (i.e. don’t use the format function from the player) and this clears any possible bad sectors of course which i think is the problem…i hope it’s not a failing hard disk (not 3 hard disks in 1month…please…HCVV you know what i mean :stuck_out_tongue: ) but anyway, i’m a bit worried as if i format it to FAT32 again what will happen, will it still load up or will the firmware be destroyed or what? i have downloaded the firmware from but the player needs to be working to put it on there (you need to get to a menu to do firmware upgrade after putting the firmware file in the root folder of the player). mods, delete this if you will, i will understand as it’s not directly a linux problem…but i know the player is linux embedded so… :wink:

please, i really want to fix this player, it has been so faithful to me for the last 4.5-5years now and it’s still one of the best around if you like top quality audio and fiddling with EQ settings to the smallest details (like you can’t do on ipods).

so, my question, will formatting the drive to FAT32 render it unbootable?
call it a brick if you will, but it’s been so reliable i don’t want to bin it. i have used it for maybe 15-20hours a week for over 4years now…just to give you an idea of how much it’s been used.

Hello Ross,

Here I am, sitting on the foremost point of my chair, staring at the screen: it is unbelievable! I will keep my fingers crossed :wink:

well, hcvv, it was the hard drive! 3 drives in 1 month…that’s all of them to come for a while surely! i replaced the drive with a 60GB 1.8inch drive and the player now works like brand new… 4.5 years and going strong as ever :smiley: