ipv6 question

The default installation of 11.3 has ipv6 enabled. When accessing a site using any browser, there was a considerable delay before the page would appear. I disabled ipv6 and things are normal.

Is my computer going to explode in a couple of months from all the backed up addresses? lol!

Seriously, Is there something wrong with my setup?
Why would ip6 be enabled by default if it slows things way down?
There are just so many things I don’t know.


Unfortunately there are a lot of broken DNS resolvers out there, including those in modem/routers. With a correct resolver, there is no problem.

I believe IPv6 is something you can turn off during install, but I can’t be sure.

Oh boy! A chance to learn something!
I take it from your working that a resolver is different from a server?
Would the resolver your refer to be the one(s) provided by my ISP? Or could they be anywhere?
Looking at your answer again, you indicate modem/router. (Maybe you could type a little slower?) Meaning the one I can look at right here? The one provided by my ISP?

Could replacing it correct this problem?

Thank you for your time and effort!


The resolvers are listed in /etc/resolv.conf. Most people will have their modem/router’s IP address in there, from the DHCP lease. You can replace this with say your own named resolver, your ISP’s DNS forwarding servers, OpenDNS or Google’s DNS servers but you must tell DHCP not to overwrite the file with the router’s IP address.

How about, since I have a rented modem/router, I request my dsl provider to replace it with one that works properly?

Is ipv6 being used anywhere? I mean, do I need it?


Most likely your ISP doesn’t support IPv6 so it would only be used on your LAN. You would not lose much by disabling IPv6.

Ok. I’ll leave them alone.

My LAN is, well, not really a LAN. Two computers and a printer. I can probably get away without ipv6.

Thanks so much for your time and lessons!