IPV4 redirect?

I entered the command “dmesg | less” and saw a message stating:
[2439963.967032] IPv4: Redirect from on eth0 about ignored
Advised path = ->
What is this telling me?

Not enough info.
You should probably include at least 10 enttries prior and after the line you’ve identified.


Probably nothing that you should worry about.

Redirect messages are common, and normally handled quietly. However, on a typical home network, most redirect messages would be seen only by the LAN router, so this one is a bit odd. But your system ignored it anyway.

(edit) Possibly you had a VPN connection to, in which case the redirect might not be so odd.

As long as you’re looking at it,
I’d suggest you follow through in trying to determine what is happening to make sure the re-direct isn’t something malicious.


At least you could try to identify what is behind these IP addresses.
I guess that 192.168.1/24 is your LAN (because it is a private address range), but only you can confirm that. And only you can explain what and are supposed to be. And only you can tell us what the IP address of the system you are doing dmesg on is (maybe one of those two?).

The other one:

henk@boven:~> host domain name pointer 104-11-35-160.lightspeed.livnmi.sbcglobal.net.

What is your connection with that domain/host, if any?

No need to worry. But i would suggest you to Recheck if you have entered Authentic Gateway or not. Sometimes it may be Phishing gateway which may lead you to something malicious

Previously i could access gateway, Now it gets an Error saying 19216811.is Not Responding!! It is getting redirected to another IP

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