IPTV player for Tumbleweed

What are you guys using for playing remote iptv via m3u files? I see “hypnotix” being suggested but it’s not in our packman nor the snap repos.

It can be done with vlc which should be installed by default.

Had a look at The best IPTV apps that you can install on your GNU / Linux distro and see that I can install the first two mentioned in the list.

I use hypnotix and I also like IPTVNator. IPTVNator can be used in a browser without installing it actually on your system, but you can also install on your system if needed.
I have build hypnotix for TW via OBS, it is build with the support for libmpv2 and not libmpv1 like the original, because that is deprecated in TW. I don’t make the files available via a repo, so you have to download it directly from OBS, which is only possible if you log into it.