IPTables and routing

My experience with IPTables is limited and I have been doing alot of research on the internet to perform what I am needing to do. I used to have PS3 Media Server and BubbleUPnP Server running on a separate machine in my network and all was well but recently that machine died so I had to move them over to my main machine which runs a VPN using OpenVPN. Now PS3 Media Server works fine because it has a setting to choose either the tun0 or eth0 interface to bind to however Bubble UPNP Server has no such feature. I was wondering if I could use IPTables and routing to force it to bind to eth0. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Wildly guessing I think you could setup a redirect of traffic coming into
one interface and have it be forwarded to the other thanks to an iptables
rule. Googling for ‘iptables port forward’ turned up this as the first
hit, which will probably get you close:


Good luck.

Thanks ab. I actually added a nic to my machine and used iptables to route traffic to it for a temp solution. I have another machine coming.