IPP Printing


I have the following Problem:

I have an IPP printer working in a windows network. The printer works if I print from Windows but not if I print from Opensuse. I have installed the right drivers for sure, because I tested it with USB connection and there the printing worked fine. I configured the ipp printer with Yast with the connection wizard under IPP. I typed the right adress for sure. The adress looks like this:

http://Server.name:631/printers/HPColorInkjetCP1700 (I changed the real server name consisting of part1.part2 to server.name)

I disabled the firewall. In Yast it says under printer configurations, that the printer is ready. If I click “Print Test Page” nothing happens, so I choose “Printing Testpage failed” after it shows me:

"hpwlan-37 root 17408 Fri Apr 6 10:12:05 2012
printer hpwlan now printing hpwlan-37. enabled since Fri Apr 6 10:12:05 2012

What did I wrong?


I posted my cups error log (var/log/cups/error_log) under:

#452690 • KDE Pastebin](http://paste.kde.org/452690/)

Thank you!

Instead of configuring with YAST, have you installed, configured and if necessary troubleshot with hplip?


if you solve already the problem ignore this post…
if not

try to make telnet to your Server.name:631 and see if the port is open …

Like this " telnet Server.name 631 " after this if port is open you will see nothing only a black screen …

if the port is blocked you will get something like could not connect …

your problem seems to be network, and check the conf of your router because may have something blocking the communication …