IPP Printer How to get it working?

Hi there,
i have a lan RICOH MP C3003 printer, that should support IPP printing, what to do to get it work?

I don’t understand how and where to set it! I think that i need to enable this protocol somewhere in the printer’s settings, in order to be founded by yast.

Another question, how to handle user codes? In the internet i’ve read that ipp, doesn’t need ppd files. So how the computer retrieves printer settings?

Can you help me?
I didn’t find any tutorial in the web, maybe it’s simplier than it seems.

IPP is a standard, if you punch enough buttons on the Ricoh, you’ll find the setting (kidding).
Typically you find a LCD display on today’s printers, one hardware button will scroll between various categories of functions, another one or two buttons will scroll up and down within the screen and possibly allow you enable/disable and enter settings. Your Ricoh User Manual should describe this. Enable IPP.

Once set, as long as client machines can “see” your printer, CUPS should be able to find it, connect and possibly even support remote management.



IPP servers return their printer(s) capabilities. Here is a bit of information I got using an IPP request (in this case to CUPS) for our Xerox Laser printer.

  media-supported: keyword

CUPS implements the IPP protocol btw and adds a couple of its own “functions”. Getting the ppd file from the CUPS server has been one of those but I did read that over year ago that CUPS plan on dropping this in future releases…

maybe it’s simplier than it seems.

Well you don’t need to concern yourself with the above - that’s just a bit of info as you asked.

Thanks you all for the answers.

@sauerland : i’ve already have a printer setted with lpd with the correct ppd, the question was about ipp.
@tsu2: believe me, the manual is really poor of informations!
@Jon_Freeman: Thanks! So Cups 2.1 still use ppd files?

AFAIK you shouldn’t need a ppd (or a ppd might already exist for most printers commonly used).

It might be helpful to also install hplip (Amazing how useful it is even for non-HP printers).

When you fire up CUPS, it should automatically scan your local network, locate the printer and interrogate it.


I’m not up to date and I’ve probably confused things trying to answer that bit of your question. As things at least stood, ppds were used as sort of drivers for CUPS and could be retrieved from CUPS by other applications. It’s the service for other applications that I had read would be dropped. Using my CUPS 1.54 server, here is what I get by attempting to parse the ppd for the IPP info I gave before for my Xerox printer.

    A4: A4
    B5: B5
    A5: A5
    Letter: Letter
    Executive: Executive
    Folio: FanFoldGermanLegal
    Legal: Legal
    #: Env10
    Monarch: EnvMonarch
    C5: EnvC5
    DL: EnvDL

As far as I understood things, a 3rd party app would have to rely on the standard IPP version at some point in the future.