iPod Touch w/ iOS 5

I have an older iPod Touch running iOS 5 that I haven’t used in a long while and was looking to see if I could get it working under Linux. It used to work with Banshee and Rhythmbox when it was new, but now it isn’t even recognized by those programs. Amarok does recognize it, but says that it’s missing the hashinfo. I’ve tried to generate the hashinfo using the one website I found that would do it, but that website gives me a Captcha error. I’ve read through the forums, but most of the posts about iPods in the forums are a few years old.


Does anyone have any good and recent advice for getting this device to work with openSUSE 13.2? I have installed all the ifuse and libimobiledevice files, but have not had any success. Ideally, I’d like to use Amarok or Clementine to manage it as I’m running Plasma 5.2 as my desktop, but at this point getting it to work with anything would be a win.


Try installing the libusbmuxd2 and usbmuxd
Then you can use yast2-User and Group Management
Under groups, click edit and click details and and add usbmux
and click ok.

When done, open the terminal as su run


Open your file manager like thunar or similar
if your ipod will show-up.

You have to do it every time you reboot to access you ipod/IOS.

Hope that will work, that’s the way I access my iphone and ipad
and hopefully will be the same as with ipod.