iPod touch showing up in gtkpod, but not Banshee or Amarok

After finally being able to mount my iPod Touch (8gb, jailbroken on iOS 4.0) with iFuse, I can only sync using gtkpod. This a horrible music syncing application and deserves to be punched in the forehead. I was wondering how to get Banshee to recognise my iPod.

I’m on 11.3.


The manufacturer of the iPod probably needs the punching. They Vendor locked your device. Support is very patchy/limited
Personally, I would never buy such a device on principle.

Today’s #1 reply. IMHO Apple is the main “Closed” in “Closed vs. Open”.

Please, if I wanted (another) apple flame war, I would have gone to the soapbox section. All I am asking is for is a way to sync my i with a decent program. When my ipt *hits itself, I will switch to android.

Virtual Box PUEL version with USB support
XP session

Otherwise it a painful process

Possibly use Dropbox?