Ipod Touch 3.1.3 syncing issues

Hello, I just bought and ipod touch with firmware 3.1.3 and I’m having trouble syncing it to Amarok and such, I have downloaded and installed the following packages…usbmuxd, libusb 1.0.6, cmake 2.6.4, udev, and even libmobiledevice…but the only thing I get is a “usb interfacing device” to be used with digicam and the likes…now according to this site (Abort, Retry, Hack? » usbmuxd) all the packages are in order for syncing to work, but to my aggravation is not. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks, and by the way I’m using a Spirit jailbroken ipod

also I forgot to mention but I’m also using libgpod version 0.7.93

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