iPod & Amarok

I’ve been playing around with Amarok and a 3rd Gen iPod and can’t get it to eject properly, and to transfer the artwork. It sees all the music that I had transfered over from a Windows box, but after transferring some music through Amarok I lost all the artwork covers, and I can only hear my Video Podcasts and not see them. Any tips or packages I might be missing? I have the latest ipod libraries installed which I think I need to have.

linux-90ws:/home/jryan # rpm -qa | grep ipod
linux-90ws:/home/jryan # rpm -qa | grep libgpod

I’m thinking I’m going to need a mp4 or m4v codec in order to view the video podcasts. Has anyone else have any success getting video working on the ipods with Amarok?

Using opensuse 11, both 32&64 bit versions.