IPMP Equivalent in SUSE 11.1

Hi Everyone,

We have Sun blades x6250 running SUSE 11.1. We want to configure the IPMP equivalent on 4 blades. Every blade has 2 physical NIC for a certain VLAN. I need to configure one virtual IP for failover. Every NIC has an IP assigned, that is two physical IPs. I want to assign a third virtual IP for failover. In case one physical NIC fails, this virtual IP will use the other functional NIC.

I looked and tried configuring bonding/bridge, but they are not exactly the equivalent to IPMP.

Thank you for your help in advance!!!:’(


Bonding should allow you to do what you describe.

Which part of the bonding config have you looked at ? or are struggling with ? If you post details of your config I will try and help.



Thank you so much for responding!

Our problem is now solved, it is bonding indeed! I configured two bondx interfaces, each interface using two physical NICs. Now if I take the cable out of one port, it fails over to the other physical interface.

Thank you!!!