iPlayer fullscreen (flash plugin) opens under Firefox, not on top!

Sometimes in BBC iPlayer - Bigscreen the fullscreen video does not open on top, and then none of the lirc remote control commands (irxevent) function, not even Escape (nor Alt-TAB, which would bring the fullscreen on top if I used the keyboard - but sitting in the TV couch I would prefer using the remote only).

This often happens on my SuSE 10.2 partition, especially when wanting to resume a video, but never happens on my Kubuntu 9.10 partition. Both are 32-bit using KDE 4.3.5 Firefox 3.5.8 and Adobe Flash 10,0,45,2.

How can I get the fullscreen on top??

10.2 support has long gone you know.

11.2 works fine here

Sorry,my openSuSE is of course 11.2

I didn’t even realize that feature was there, although I use BBC all the time. I just hit the Full Screen icon in the player window.

My guess is you have a setting messed up somewhere. One of the easiest ways to see if that is the case is to create a New User account and see if the problem is the same there. (You can delete it after). If the problem is gone, we hvae isolated the issue to local user settings, either in kde or FFox.

Thanks. Created a new user, but the problem is the same, when resuming a program that has been watched before. Actually, checked my other partitions on the same box, Fedora 12 and Mandriva 2010, which have the same problem. So maybe the question is why don’t I have the problem at the Kubuntu partition (or XP partition for that matter)?? Or why don’t anybody else have this problem? Did you try going left in the home tab to resume something you have watched before?

I have found two workarounds. The one you suggested of using the normal iplayer and use the fullscreen icon in the player window. Or in iplayer/bigscreen (which I would prefer) use the lirc-mouse up to near the top right corner and click minimize, and the fullscreen will appear. Then after exiting the fullscreen with the lirc command Escape, I again have to use the lirc-mouse down to the tool bar to maximize Firefox.

Am not really happy with those two workarounds, rather use some lirc command that would do the trick of showing the fullscreen

I can do anything in there, fullscreen, resume, Esc., fullscreen again, back and forth…whatever

Just FYI

rpm -qi flash-player
Name : flash-player Relocations: (not relocatable)
Version : Vendor: openSUSE
Release : 0.1.1 Build Date: Sun 14 Feb 2010 09:02:31 GMT
Install Date: Sat 06 Mar 2010 08:13:56 GMT Build Host: build19
Group : Productivity/Networking/Web/Browsers Source RPM: flash-player-
Size : 19917919 License: NON-OSI-COMPLIANT(royalties)
Signature : RSA/8, Sun 14 Feb 2010 09:02:52 GMT, Key ID b88b2fd43dbdc284
Packager : Submitting Bug Reports - openSUSE
Summary : Adobe Flash PlugIn and standalone Player
Description :
This package contains Adobe’s Flash Plugin for the supported Web
browsers in addition to a standalone flash player application.

My blaming the resume function does not seem to be quite acurate. When starting the iPlayer/bigscreen one program is shown under highlights. This program starts normally. But if using the left or right button to show another highlighted program and starting this (resuming or not), the fullscreen program will start with sound and all but under firefox. Thanks caf4926.

I’m not sure from your last comments if there is still an issue here. But I can’t get iplayer to misbehave at all. Works perfectly.

If I navigate by the keyboard to another program than the one first highlighted, it starts normally. But if I navigate with lirc left/right and the use the lirc-mouse to start, the the program starts below. So somehow lirc or lircmd seem to contribute to the problem.

Can’t really say what the problem is. But I’d probably start my investigations with ATI (if you use ATI). See if the drivers in kubuntu are different to those is SUSE.

Have finally found a way to live with this problem, which only occures if I have been using lirc-commands (irexevent) to navigate. If I only use the lirc-mouse there is no problem. To navigate left I have to left click on the big white left arrow on the screen with the lirc-mouse.

Finally, if anybody else but me is interested, here is a tip: After exiting the iPlayer fullscreen with the (lirc) Escape command, make sure to straight away left click with the lirc-mouse on firefox surface, otherwise lirc won’t work any more.

I suppose focus is part of the explanation these two issues, though I don’t understand exactly how. (am using nVidia FX 5200) Anyway, got it working, thanks!

Even if I didn’t really help exactly. It’s good to talk it thru sometimes;)