Iphone thethering woes

While I can get tethering to work, I’d like it to work out of the box. The environment is as follows:
HP desktop with 4 core I7
leap155 with latest patches/upgrades available as of march 26,2024. network is managed by wicked.
iphone SE (2022) ios 17.3.1.
The scenario is something like this.
pulg in usb/lightening cable.
set iphone to discoverable.
ifup eth1. The response is no device
systemctl restart usbmuxd after a period of time the restart completes.
again make the iphone discoverable.
ifup eth1. life is good eth1 is configured, routing is correct

I have fiddled with this so many times I forgot why I came up with restarting usbmuxd.
Since this process seems to work I have to assume it’s a udev rule, Buth how to fix?

Kde , Gnome , Xfce .

Although that guide is for Fedora, it worked great on openSUSE Tumbleweed. You might give it a shot.

You got me 99% there with that article. Thanks so much!!!
OpenSUse leap155 does not have a libmobiledevice-utils. Instead it as imobiledevice-tools
which contain idevicepair. Once I got that resolved, it was magic. Once again thanks so much

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