Iphone and Windoes Mobile syncronize with Opensuse tutorial?

Hi I believe that a tutorial must be made about this, syncronize Files, Contacts and Email between Opensuse 11 and this types of devices.

For mandriva I found this video:

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The idea is making a how to, starting for a Simple table made in Openoffice Calc, with all the contacts, with Name, Phone, Email, …, export it to CVS format, then import it in Evolution , and then use GNOME and KDE GUI applications to sync with your mobile device.

Testing the edition of messages

well is there any tutorial about it?

Well for Windows Mobile you need to use the SynCE framework … see FrontPage - SynCE Wiki … but no idea about the iPhone.

If you got questions about SynCE, you can ask me, I’m working on packaging some new rpms for suse atm.

Thanks, the question is simple:

Could you make a brief tutorial of syncronizing a Windows Mobile 6 device in Suse, including Contacts, Mails, starting from zero?


No one can make a simple tutorial?

It’s not “simple” to put together a howto document overnight detailing every possibility. There is nothing opensuse specific about connected a windows mobile device via synce. Everything you need is available from the front page of FrontPage - SynCE Wiki

In case you missed it:

SynceInstallation ( SynceInstallation - SynCE Wiki ) contains documentation to get SynCE working.

SynceSetup ( SynceInstallation - SynCE Wiki ) contains documentation on setting up SynCE for synchronization.

SynceTools ( SynceTools - SynCE Wiki ) outlines some other basic tools SynCE provides.

Personally I prefer to backup my contact info via a free program called PimBackup to the storage card or use a free exchange service such as mail2web.com.

I purchased maxmobile and was able to easily download my contacts, tasks, calendar, etc to my iphone. II would have loved to use a free program but couldn’t find anything that wasn’t super complicated.

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