here is what i am trying to do the usb part
HOW TO: Tether the iPhone to your Linux PC
i have to boot up window to get on the internet to down load files so keep that in mind
suse 12.1
i can see the iphone when i run demesg it show ipheth 1-1:4.2
but i still can not connect to the internet.
and i can not find out how to use sudo.

If your openSUSE recognizes your phone, then IMO you don’t have a USB driver problem.

Be aware though that when a multi-function device like a phone is connected to a PC, it is greatly important whether the device is connected as a mass storage deviice or a communications device. In other words, if you can access files on your phone then that will likely block using the phone as a modem.

Also, you didn’t mention how you’re attempting to pass your network credentials to your phone. When a phone is used as a modem and assuming the phone isn’t configured as a network proxy, then you have to present valid credentials to your Carrier.