I’m using suse V11.4

I’m learning to use IP Block.

  1. From a terminal, I do a (su) ifconfig and see my ip address 192.nnn.nnn.5 ( I’ve replaced my real number with nnns)

  2. I do a traceroute google.com and get a list of ips with 192.nnn.nnn.1 being the first.

  3. I start ipblock by doing DISPLAY=:0.0 /usr/sbin/ipblock gui

  4. I then add to the lists my own file which contains

  5. I enable ipblock, a small popup says 177 gazillion IP are blocked

6.I start Firefox, go to google, and the ipblock gui starts logging

 10:24:43.605319    My_List    192.nnn.nnn.1:520    192.nnn.nnn.255:520    UDP    Blocked    1     In
 10:40:43.546622    My_List    192.nnn.nnn.1:520    192.nnn.nnn.255:520    UDP    Blocked    43    In

Here’s my question:

  1. I’m assuming the ip of my computer is 192.nnn.nnn.5
  2. and the ip of the switch through which I access the Internet is 192.nnn.nnn.1

How does my connection get to google?

Why doesn’t my computer act as if the internet-cable were disconnected?.

Thank you.

My understanding is that it blocks incoming ip’s and not outgoing IP’s.
Ipblock is a bash shell script which blocks and unblocks access to the local host from specific remote hosts. It maintains a list of addresses to be blocked
(similar to the hosts.deny file used by tcp-wrappers) and uses the iptables command to create firewall rules which block those IP addresses.
But I might be wrong. than there is this thread on iplist ( http://forums.opensuse.org/applications/388841-iplist-peerguardian-linux-must-have-p2p.html)