Dear Friends,

In my client side, i got 4 machines(2 database server,2 application server). One database server for DC and another database server for DR. Similarly, I need to use the application server also.
The two database server are having the same ip.(
and two application server are having the same ip(

But they give the another ip for all machines like below.

DC-Database server- DC-application server-
DR-Database server- DR-application server-

Now i want to do the IP Natting.

By how i need to this natting? If any doubt please ask me.

Please help.

Thanks in advance
Thiyagarajan C


two host for the same IP ??

is it a cluster ???


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you are welcome to seek advice here, but BE ADVISED that many of the
answers might be from folks who have never run SLES (or maybe never even
heard of it before) and you are likely much better off if you seek
assistance from the Novell forums, via:

you are welcome to hang out here and see if anyone has the info you
need, but you should for sure check in with the novell folks–your
ID/Pass here works there also…

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No it is seperate machine’s…

It is not in cluster. Networking team tell that we need to do the ip natting in firewall. but we dont know how to do.

please help us…

You need to tell your networking team to explain themselves better :slight_smile:

  • What do You have to NAT to what ? ( I mean which IP(s) to which )
  • Do You have to NAT source or destination or maybe both ?

Without that information it’s impossible to help You. In openSUSE You can do NAT using YaST nad the firewall config GUI and I guess (but don’t know for sure) the same thing exists on SLES and SLED (not sure which You’re using). Maybe with the GUI and more info from your networking team You can figure this out yourself.

Furthermore, IMHO if your networking team cannot do this on the networking device it’s a poor networking team.

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