IP connectivity works, but DNS does not using wifi card

Long story, but here’s the short version. I installed Leap 15 day before yesterday and ran an update. Next day, booted system and was told I have over 1700 updates. I ran the update and rebooted. Tumbleweed got installed. With people’s help here, I downgraded to Leap 15 by first removing some repos. Rebooted again and networking didn’t work. I checked the running services and some were inactive like the wpasupp service being manual start and inactive which I changed to start at boot and active, but that didn’t work. I couldn’t ping or do dns resolution. I deleted the WIFI Network config and redid it. I rebooted and can now ping ip but not dns. I’m at a loss. What services do I need for DNS to work?

Although you can troubleshoot your problem,
Since your return to LEAP didn’t go 100%, more may be broken than you know already.
Weigh your ongoing effort to troubleshoot vs simply removing your partitions (several ways to do this, booting to a bootable USB or CD image and running fdisk is probably most popular) and re-installing.

Basic name resolution starts with whether your DHCP client configuration is correct (in Network Manager),
Check what DNS server might be listed in /etc/resolv.conf,
When you find something that isn’t working right, then you have something to fix.


Thank you. I will reboot into Leap and take a look at resolv.conf. Currently I am in Windows 10 and wifi works fine.

Need to know the hardware specs on the WiFi since some chips require proprietary drivers

lspci (as root) should tell you if you don’t know

How’s that going to help the OP with DNS issues? They’ve already explained that they have IP connectivity.

Since you’re dual-booting,
If you choose to re-install, you can remove your Linux partitions from within Win10’s Disk Manager.