IP Conflict Detection Application for XFCE

Hi guys

          I am using OpenSUSE 12.3 with XFCE DE.I want to know whether there is any software for detecting IP Address Conflicts.I have heard of "Ipwatchd" but it's working only in terminal.I want graphical notifications.Any suggestions.

Thanks in advance.

You’re going to have to be a bit more specific.

Ordinarily, if someone just connected to your network trying to use the same IP address you are already using, AFAIK you should see a notification of some sort immediately.

There are other possible scenarios
Are you asking about unauthorized intrusion using an already assigned IP address? In general, you’re asking about IPS (Intrusion Protection Systems)
Are you asking about joining a network and finding someone else already using an address you thought was your own? A combination of IPS and simple Port and IP scanning likely can help.

You also need to specify whether you want to investigate what likely is simple, normal network operations vs taking a more aggressive stance suspecting any such activity is likely an intrusion or intrusion attempt.


Yes If someone is using the same IP Address then it should be giving me some type of warning or notification.