IP Addresses for Opensuse with VMWare Machine

Hi Friends,

I am using Opensuse 11 on a Compaq Presario Laptop. I recently installed a VMWare Machine on this laptop and created a VMWare Machine which uses a virtual disk which has the required MySQL Databases. This Virtual machine disk has the RPATH Linux. It doesn’t have any other Linux.

I need to communicate , send and receive data between the Host OS which has Opensuse and Guest OS which has Rpath Linux. I was told I can use ip addresses.

I am completely new to this kind of stuff. Can somebody help me what needs to be done? what steps to be followed? You can also direct me to the relevant resources on the Web.


Could you please make more explicit the details of the Vmware product you have installed on top of Open Suse? VMware Server? VMware Workstation? VMware ACE? maybe VMPlayer?

For example, in the case of VMware server, the trick is configuring the network in ‘bridge’ or ‘host only’ modes. The last one will prevent the guests of reaching the outside world.

Take a look at this url for more details:


The Chapter 11 contains all the details you may need.


Hi friends i have the same problem too, but already resolve.

i just follow this config;

just setup your gateway (route add default gw 192.xxx.xxx.xxx
setup ur ip add (vi /etc/sysconfig/network/ifcfg-eth0)
setup ur dns (vi /etc/resolv.conf)

on the vmware network configutation i use “Bridge” connection directley to the NIC.

i am using openSUSE 11.2 desktop
VMware workstation ACE edition.