IP address for download.opensuse.org repository


I would like to ask something.

Before Friday 11.09.09 I connected to update repository (download.opensuse.org) with IP =

But now openDNS and other resolvers give me IP =

And I since Monday my zypper tells my that there is no any updates in openSUSE-11.1-Oss and openSUSE-11.1-Update.

I’m just wandering, is it really there is no any updates or something wrong with IP addresses and I connect to the wrong server?


62.146… is a mirror of the main repo at 195.135…

Generally, it’s best to use the domain address (download.opensuse.org) rather than an ip address, since it should redirect to the closest mirror automatically.
The reason for using a mirror is to cut down network traffic and to ensure that the main server is not overloaded.


Of course I use download.opensuse.org, not the IP.


A whois for the shows it is also part of suse gmbh, so the main server could have been down.
Rather than using opendns, just do a local nslookup in a terminal - it will give you the address your isp’s dns servers use.
Also, perhaps there are no new updates.