Ion Murrine Theme Combopack theme for Gnome/GTK

I have created a new theme, this time for GTK/Gnome users.
I call it Ion, its a nice looking theme using the latest murrine engine so try to update murrine if it doesnt look right.

Ion Combopack by ~SunnyRabbiera on deviantART

Please note:
These themes have Ubuntu icons as suggested icons, I did not make these themes that distro neutral and I dont do my own icon themes.
Just change the icons to ones you like and all will be cool.

I have showcases featuring the two main themes featured in this combopack:

Ion, a nice blue theme:
Ion Showcase by ~SunnyRabbiera on deviantART

and Ion Radiance, a orange theme:
Ion Radiance Showcase by ~SunnyRabbiera on deviantART

In the near future I might do one that is green for openSUSE/Linux Mint, but I have not found too many good looking green wallpapers to suggest