Invitation to join Election Officials Team

Run…Or Help Run…

First, the Help Run…

Election season in the openSUSE Project is just around the corner. And this means the firsts step is to organize the Election Officials committee. The openSUSE Board is inviting members to submit their name to join the Election Officials committee:

Who may join?:
Members of the open

SUSE Project
How and When?:*

nd an email to board at openSUSE dot org, with the subject line: “Election Officials Committee”. Deadline to apply for the committee is November 16. The Board will review and determine the formation of the committee by November 19. We would like to see at least one past Election Official participate for consistency.


  • Review current election rules
  • Coordinate and implement election procedures
  • Establish relevant dates for the election process.
  • Report final decisions of the process to the Board
  • Coordinate with the Membership Officials team to ensure all membership applicants are eligible to vote prior to voting date.
  • Announce publicly and widely the dates and call for candidacies.
  • Monitor and certify election results.

And now the “Run” part…

2011 will be an important year for the openSUSE Project and the openSUSE Board will be guiding into a number of significant initiatives including the openSUSE Foundation, finalization of the openSUSE Strategy, and ongoing reviews of openSUSE governance. As such, we want you all to consider the possibility of running for openSUSE Board.

While we obviously don’t have exact dates for when candidacy is beginning, (That’s up to the Election Officials) it is never too early for you to start thinking about it. If you’ve thought about it and aren’t sure yet, just remember the words of fellow Board Member, Henne Vogelsang… “Just do it!”

There will be two spots open for the election this year.

So give this some thought. Either run for Board or help run the Board elections.