Inventorying aps -how to?

Hi there. I wonder if there is some way to inventory the apps I installed on suse 11.1. I don’t need it right now, but in case of installing a new version it would be nice to get at least some kind of list of all apps I installed on current version, so that I can install all of them on a new version of suse too. Usually you can not easily remember all those tiny apps you installed, therefore some kind of automation would be nice. I saw in Ubuntu there is some sort of automation that helps you with this problem. To get the list

dpkg --get-selections > filename

and to install apps again

sudo dpkg --set-selections < filename && sudo apt-get dselect-upgrade

I didn’t try this my self yet, so I can’t say if it works :wink: however I am searching for some similar utility is suse, any advice much appreciated, thanks

As root

rpm -qa 

Look in *man rpm *to see how you can influence/format the output or get different info.

rpm -qa
Thanks, I know this one :slight_smile: even though I don’t know all possibilities it offers for manipulating installed aps, I’ll check the man. Is there maybe some other way?

Seems like rpm will be just enough :wink: Linux Get list of installed software for reinstallation / restore software

In fact I use:

' | sort

to get a : seperated output of the fields I want. I use this in a script and convert it into an HTML table. But reading the man page might give you better/other ideas to your liking.

Also zypper (again look at the man page) can give you a lot of info about the softeware you installed from the repos (rpm does it for software installed by rpm, done by zipper (or the YaST GUI) or by direct usage of rpm).

Or…insert the new version medium, boot and pick ‘upgrade installed system’. That way you don’t need the list, it will simply upgrade your entire system.