Hi all,
just thought I would introduce myself.
I am currently running duel boot xp and PCLinuxOS Minime (DPE) photographic edition. I have read great reviews of the Open Suse 11 so thought I would give it a try. I did try Suse 10.2 but not over impressed but 11 Works a treat in VBox even running the KDE 4.:slight_smile: So once my partitioning and formatting has finished I shall try to install Suse as part of a triple boot.
My main reasons for looking for another distro is more package choice. Quite often I need to install an up to date package and have to look outside the repos. Most of the time there is a version for ubuntu, fedora, suse and some others but not PCLinuxos so having the option for more uptodate packages is a real bonus.

Welcome, enjoy the choice both of distributions and of packages.