Introduction and Thank You

I’ve now been on the openSUSE Forums for a couple days and I wanted to introduce myself and also express gratitude to the folks — whether regular user or mod/admin — for helping me over the essentially new user teething process.

I’ve actually been a technology enthusiast since the 1980s, and probably unlike most people here I cut my teeth on Macs. However (as I make mention of in my bio here) in high school I had a number of friends, all of whom had different platforms, and so I never grew up with the illusion that there was only one way to approach how things are done, or even can be done. And, I have never been a fan of Microsoft.

This isn’t my first go-around with SUSE products, though it is the first real effort I’ve made in modern times to seriously learn about this particular distro. Actually, the very first time I’d seen this distro, it was when there was only SUSE, not SLE and openSUSE. It was a boxed copy on CDs, and to this day I remember looking through the manual and thinking “This is really the finest-written manual I’ve ever seen.” I don’t know who was in charge of writing, or editing, but that thing was absolutely incredible to go through.

Anyhow, back to the present… I listen a lot to both Linux Unplugged and Destination Linux, and between them they have a lot of love for KDE and, though it might not be obvious if you just casually listen, to openSUSE. So, in addition to my daily driver distro Linux Mint, I really want to learn something about SUSE, in addition to other life goals of getting into programming and gaining background in networking.

Once again, thank you to everyone who’s helped me so far. I really appreciate your time, effort, and patience!


Wellcome to openSUSE foums!!
Here you can learn, share and… have a lot of fun!! :beers:

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Welcome aboard Babylon5Nut.

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A warm welcome to you!

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