Introducing openSUSE-tan!

After like a year of having this idea (making a well designed opensuse-tan, not just a part of a series of linux-tan), I finally finished openSUSE-tan!

She’s 12.1 years old now, she’s just 144 cm (almost 57 inches) tall and weights 37Kg (81.5 lb). She has dark green eyes (you can’t see them in this picture, though).
She likes technology in general and (obviously) open source.

The goggles she’s wearing are capable to zoom and rotate independently, so she can look to two different spots at the same time (she needed a lot of training to be able to coordinate this!). The gadget on her right ear has many functions, one of them is operating the mechanism of the eyes’ zoom and rotation. The glove she has in her right hand operates the gadget in a wireless fashion.

Oh, by the way, she recently developed a very strange taste for asparagus.

I need everybody’s help to give her a short name (openSUSE-tan is very long @.@).

I hope everyone likes her ;__;

Comments are greatly appreciated!

She’s adorable!
Probably not very original but why not Susie? Or Sayuri? I think that’s Japanese for Susan.

I forgot to draw her ribbon, sorry, here’s an updated version:

I think Susie will be better, because she’s German. Thanks for the ideas n_n

I have rewritten her bio, but I don’t know how to edit the first post, so here it goes:

openSUSE-tan is a 12.1 year old German (she doesn’t grow in human years, by the way), and she’s just 144cm (57 in) tall and weights 37Kg (81.5 lb). Her blood type is B. Her birthday is in August 9.

Her favorite color is green and she likes technology and (obviously) open source. She’s random and gets excited easily, but she’s very focused when something catches her attention.

She is a KDE user, but her favorite application is the terminal emulator, so she can also work in Gnome or xfce without worries.

What else… oh yeah, since past mid november she developed a very strange taste for asparagus, I wonder why…

On 2012-04-17, kirbyiwakitsukino wrote:
> I need everybody’s help to give her a short name (openSUSE-tan is very
> long @.@).

Why not O-tan ?

O-tan san, sounds good.

When in doubt, use brute force.
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She’s adorable kirby. Hope I can see how pretty her eyes are!
Anyway, there’s also this openSuse-tan I found in the wiki’s artworks section.

Thanks everyone! I’m so happy that she’s liked here ;__;!

Apparently, the name Susie was well received by everyone in the other places I published her. So she’s now nicknamed Susie.

I forgot to say she’s licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License (so you can use her for anything you want if you say I drew it and you aren’t planning on winning money with her n_n)

I’m working in another pose where she has her goggles up, so you can see her eyes n__n

Also, that is not an opensuse-tan, it’s just a gijinka of Geeko (the files are even named GeecoXX.jpg), I wanted to make a girl that is a representative of the whole distro, not just a chamaleon girl n__n"

Great I’m looking forwards to seeing her.

I especially like how you put the tail into
her hair. : )

She looks very good!
Susie it’s right IMHO.

But the Geeko’s tail curls in the other direction
(sorry for my english, I don’t know if “curls” here it’s the right word…)

Took my pills, still can’t get it out of my head: “My Little Pony Linux”?

@OP: Nice, much, much better job that the ones here.

> But the Geeko’s tail curls in the other direction
> (sorry for my english, I don’t know if “curls” here it’s the right
> word…)

Curls works for me. : )

Nice work.

Hi, at first, welcome and thanks for the beautiful artwork!

I think 144cm is short for a German, maybe 160~165 might be better? (consider her age, she’d better be 170~175 when grown up).

and that weight is adorable!

and as to that blood type, she must be hot and open…so maybe this is the “moe” version?

maybe there’ll be a sexy/smart/hot version later on?

openSUSE official colors has black and red, it’s easy to make her taller and more sexy…

and please make that green lighter, it’s too dark for a 12.1 aged girl. like military born.

or we can let her have a sister with age 22.1 ? that’s the golden age of a girl.

any ideas?

that one is drawn by Indonesia Community. and official symbol of their wiki. (I’m a wiki admin)

and this one is drawn by a Japanese artist, we both know Japanese are really good at ACG.

and I hope this one can live long. with many other positions, not just standing there. she can sit down, play or using a computer, etc. then I can use these illustrations on my wiki as newbie helper.

I think ‘curls’ is correct. I was aware about the direction of the ‘tail’, but it really curls ‘inside’ (as geeko’s), but you need to watch her from the side (I will later upload a side view).

I’m so glad it has been liked. I didn’t expect such a great response ;__;

Well, I looked in various German height charts, and they said that 148-153cm was average for a 12 year old. I wanted her to be light and small, like I feel openSUSE is, but at the same time being capable of doing what any other distro can.

If you ask me what character was in my mind when I was designing Susie, I would answer most of the time it was Ed (from Cowboy Bebop, ref) and sometimes it was Noodle (from Gorillaz, ref). If my knowledge on blood-type-attributes is correct (and it may not be), B type is the one that has more of their characteristics.

May be, but I honestly don’t have plans for this (because she’s just 12 years old, and it will take more than 10 years for her to be 18 n__n").

I have plans for changing her costume some times, I will include those colors someday~.
Also I don’t think she is the hot-sexy type, but more sexy-carefree type. And anyway I don’t think it’s needed, I’m not planning to draw ecchi of her!

I had some trouble with the colors, and I think the next costume will be indeed of a lighter green.

I don’t know if that’s a good idea, because the purpose of making this is for her to be unique. Anyway I think she could have an older ‘SUSE:Enterprise’ sister… but I doubt that would be permitted n__n"

I have some, but I’m saving them as surprises n__n!

I’m currently half way with the other pose (without the goggles on). I will try to find sometime this weekend and try to deliver on Monday. However if I’m not able, and you want, I can upload some sketches n__n"

See you space cowboys…